Are you not comfortable with the wifi coverage you are getting with your present router? If no, then we have a solution for you, want to know what is the solution? Well, with the help of the Linksys extender setup, you can get back wifi coverage, you used to enjoy earlier. So, are you able to setup your Linksys extender? If your answer is no, then there is no need to worry, we came here to help you. In this blog, we will provide you information on Linksys extender setup how to use its default web address, at the correct place. So, we will not delay the setup anymore; let’s start with few features of the Linksys extender, to make you aware of Linksys extender working style. Next, we will show the manual setup of your Linksys extender. Let’s get started now.

Basic Features Of the Linksys Extender

  • Linksys Extender Can Setup with any Router & Access Point, due to its universal compatibility.Linksys Router
  • Extender features easy installation wizard means Linksys extender setup can be completed immediately.
  • You get the reliable & stable wifi speed of up to N300 Mbps.
  • With the Help of the fast Ethernet port, the user can extend network range & can add one additional device.
  • Can intelligently prioritize the bandwidth speed among devices and avoid buffering.

What Do You Need Prior Linksys Extender Setup via

  • First, verify the router and access Point Wifi settings.
  • Keep handy Wireless network name also know as (SSID).
  • Wifi Channel.
  • Wifi password or its Security/Network key.

Next, reset your range extender. To reset the Linksys extender, press & hold the reset button, which is located at the top of the extender. Press & hold the reset for about 5 seconds, wait until LED lights begin to blink, this will restore the device to its default factory settings.

Steps to Manually Setup the Range Extender

  • First, with the help of the Ethernet cable, connect the computer to the Linksys range extender, Ethernet Port.Linksys Extender
  • Next, plug the range into the nearby power outlet. You need to ensure here that LED lights to stay stable.
  • Now, launch a web browser and enter the local web address into browser address bar. If doesn’t work try using the default web address in place of the web address.

If you still have any issues, call our experts who are available round the clock on the toll-free number. You can also chat with us for live interaction with directly with the team.